Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rooster Looking for Love at the Collierville Gus's

In my post about the Gus's Fried Chicken in Collierville I mentioned the stray rooster who had taken up residence near the restaurant. I stopped in for lunch this week and he was hanging out outside, which gave me an opportunity to get some great pictures.

I liked to thing of him as a real-life version of Secret Agent Poyo, the ultra-badass fighting-rooster-turned-USDA-agent from the amazing comic book series Chew.   

Unfortunately, the actual explanation I received from a friend for the little guy's obsession with the restaurant makes him more of a tragic character. Commercial poultry is all based around hens, and raw hen meat still gives off the hormones scents used to attract roosters who want to mate. So the lovelorn rooster keeps coming back, trying to find all the hens that his rooster-sense keeps telling him are nearby.

 They're in the building behind you little buddy, but trust me you are better off not knowing the spicy, juicy, battered delicious truth.

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