Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great Food and a Great View - Brooksie's Barn

For a city with a population of just 65,000 people Jackson, TN keeps amazing me with the amount of great barbecue places it has. Brooksie's Barn is just west of the 45 Bypass a little north of I-40. I first discovered the place several years ago when I had lunch there with one of my old college journalism professors who was living nearby at the time.

I remembered the place having a Southern food buffet and a plenty of seating next to large windows that provided a great view of the large pond behind the restaurant.

There wasn't any barbecue on the buffet when I stopped by for lunch on Wednesday but when I asked the hostess she told me I could order it off the menu. I was happy to hear that the ribs automatically come the way I like them; dry rubbed with sauce on the side. And I had a choice between vinegar or mayo-based slaw. I opted for the vinegar since I don't like overly creamy slaw. It's nice to see a restaurant acknowledge the creamy versus non-creamy rift in slaw philosophy and cater to both tastes.

The meaty ribs ended up having a fantastic flavor with a nice smoke ring and a flavorful enough rub that they didn't need any sauce. I still added a little since the ultra thin and vinegary hot sauce served on the side provided a nice extra kick without making the ribs seem "saucy." The generous servings of beans and slaw were also good enough to make the meal an incredible value for the $10.95 price. And the service was great too. My waitress did an excellent job and the restaurant's owner stopped by as I was finishing my meal to ask how my experience was. Anyone who is a fan of great West Tennessee barbecue ribs and who finds themselves traveling along I-40 through Jackson needs to plan to stop and sample some of the incredible local options. Brooksie's, Latham's Meat Company, Backyard Bar-Be-Cue and the Reggi's Bar-B-Q restaurant are all just minutes away from the Interstate as you travel through the city and all of them are so good I couldn't pick out a single favorite to recommend. Just know that ribs from any of them should be a treat. 

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