Friday, August 24, 2012

Giant Sandwich - Kelvin's

I have a friend who routinely mentions how good the enormous barbecue sandwiches used to be at Kelvin's before the place changed its name to Kelvin's Hot Wings and dropped the barbecue from its menu. I was driving down Highway 51/Thomas through Frayser on Monday when I noticed a sign in the window of the Kelvin's announcing the restaurant was serving barbecue sandwiches again.

The little restaurant is mainly a carry out place but it does have a few small tables along the front window. Since the sandwich was what I'd heard so much about I ordered one to see if it lived up to its reputation. 

That is a full-sized bun. The pile of barbecue just makes it look small. This monster costs $4.65.

I think the Kelvin's jumbo sandwich may even dwarf the Payne's jumbo in size. Luckily it came with a plastic fork since there was no was possible to pick the thing up and eat it as a sandwich. The chopped meat had some nice charred bits mixed in with it and a good flavor. The sauce seemed a little to sweet. When I texted my friend to tell him the sandwich was back on the menu he mentioned that he always ordered them with hot barbecue sauce. I asked an employee behind the counter about the hot barbecue sauce and he said it was available so I'll request it the next time I visit. The slaw seemed pretty good too but it is hard to objectively judge a serving of slaw that is sitting under a pile of barbecue that big.

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  1. I will try it today for lunch, as I work just a half a mile away from this Scenic Frayser shopping center.

  2. Mine wasn't bad today. Their lunch special was 2 sandwiches with fries for $5. I asked for hot sauce, but I'm not sure if that's what I got since my heat tolerance is much higher than many. The meat tasted good, but had a little firmness to it similar to gristle....even though there wasn't a bad bite anywhere. Sauce was decent, and as you explained, the slaw was undetectable underneath the pile of meat. As you like to say, I'd give this a "Memphis average" rating. The Sysco krinkle fries had a great salt sprinkle on it that I suspect was their dry rub, with a hint of sugar and cracked black pepper. This will be good in a pinch, but I'm not sure I'll go out of my way to drive past Tops to be a frequent visitor.

    1. That's a good description of the chopped pork.

  3. That Sandwich looks delicious! I would definitely love that with some potato salad and orange juice..

  4. You're right about the sauce. It's the sweetest I've encountered, although rib tips I had didn't have that sugary taste. Maybe they ran out of their unique sauce that day. By the way, the hot wings are awesome!