Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Barbecue Joint on a Driving Range - PC BBQ

I recently spotted a bunch of barbecue cookers in front of the Vantage Point Golf Center on Macon in Cordova along with a banner announcing the arrival of the PC BBQ restaurant inside the center, which is down the street from the Morris Grocery that has been offering up massive, delicious barbecue sandwiches for decades.

Before I got a chance to stop in I got a message from owner Robert Jason Wiggs inviting me by. My first visit was about a month ago.

Wiggs competes in the Kansas City Barbeque Society circuit with his Pork Choppers team, which the restaurant was named after. After looking over the cookers in the parking lot I went inside to check out the menu. I ended up ordering a creation called the Monster Sandwich that packed pulled pork, sauce and slaw on top of a thick slice of barbecue bologna. The slaw was a really good, vinegar-based rendition that went well with the meat and sauce.

With no sides, the giant sandwich was enough food for a complete meal. If it doesn't look filling enough for you, the restaurant offers a bigger version called Eat the Pig. It has two of the thick bologna slices with three pounds of pulled pork and a serving of slaw. It sells for $29.99, but eat it in less than 30 minutes and it is free.

After being impressed by the sandwich I went for the dry rub ribs on my second visit, ordered with sauce on the side and side orders of beans and slaw. It was a perfect spring day so I took my order of food out to the outdoor tables on the patio behind the golf center to enjoy a lunch next to the driving range.

The slaw was just as good the second time around and the beans were a solid representation. The dry rub added some great flavor to the ribs, although they didn't have the smoke flavor I was expecting based on the barrel cookers outside. They had a good meaty but tender texture and the fat was well-rendered, I was just hoping for more of a smoke presence based on the outdoor competition cookers. I tend to use sauce sparingly with ribs, preferring to enjoy the natural flavors of the meat, but the sauce on the side was still good enough for me to dip several of my ribs in it before eating them.

Around the corner from PC BBQ there is an empty barbecue restaurant that seems to be a bit of a cursed location. In the nearly three nears I have been writing this blog it has been home to a Reggi's franchise and places called Pure Glaze and Southern Smoke. I'm pretty sure a big part of the problem has been owners who went in underestimating the competition they would face from the humble-looking Morris Grocery up the street.

PC BBQ has a much more visible location and offers enough unique items and setting to make me hope it can enjoy its own niche despite its proximity to the Morris Grocery. I don't golf, but I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch in the sun next to the driving range. For an avid golfer, the chance to hit a bucket of golf balls and then enjoy some barbecue on a lunch break would be even more of a treat.

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