Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fast Food Pulled Pork Tacos - El Toro Taco

I don't eat barbecue every day, but sometimes barbecue finds me even when I'm not looking for it. On Monday I was working in Millington when I decided to stop in El Toro Taco for a quick lunch.

I'm not sure how long El Toro Taco has been around, but I can't remember a time when it wasn't on US Highway 51 north of Navy Road.

El Toro Taco is a little local fast food place that serves fare like tacos, burritos and nachos. Imagine a locally-owned version of Taco Bell only serving bigger tacos with filling that actually looks like ground beef.

While I was there I noticed a sign announcing that pulled pork had been added to the menu. Naturally I felt obligated to try one alongside two of the beef tacos I'd been craving when I stopped there. When I ordered the cashier asked if I wanted barbecue sauce on the pork taco and I naturally said yes.

The pulled pork was juicy but without any real smoke flavor. That was no big surprise since I wasn't expecting any award-winning barbecue in a $1.39 taco from a fast food taco shack. It did add some nice variation to my lunch when eaten with the two beef tacos I ordered. And my lunch was less than $5 total. El Toro Taco isn't going to wow anyone looking for authentic Mexican food, but it is way better than Taco Bell at a similar price point.

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