Monday, March 25, 2013

Pork-Focused Follow-Up - More Brad's

The last time I stopped and had barbecue at the Brad's in Oakland, TN, was right after I'd gotten back the results from having my cholesterol numbers checked and my post about the visit ended up digressing into a lengthy discussion of how a barbecue and soul food-based diet had increased my heart health with little talk of the actual food at the restaurant.

A month ago* I stopped back for an attempt at a more on-topic post about the restaurant. The ribs I'd had on my first visit had been pretty good so the second time around I decided to try a pulled pork dinner. While I've enjoyed the pulled pork from the Bartlett location, I've heard rumors that it is the only location with a real barbecue pit.

I don't know if that is true, but I can confirm that there was no evidence of smoke in the pulled pork I had at the Oakland location. The meat still had a good texture, and Brad's has really good barbecue sauce that helps out the flavor tremendously. The beans and slaw were good in an average sort of way. It is worth eating there if you are already stuck in Oakland, especially given how underwhelming the handful of other dining choices out there are. For anyone in the barbecue Mecca of Memphis, I certainly wouldn't make a special trip to the little speed-trap town to try it.

*Yes I've fallen a month behind in my blogging. While rebuilding my '55 Ford project car I'd reached a point where I needed to have it hauled to Memphis Collision to have part of the frame straightened on the frame machine there due to some damage it suffered it the wreck that instigated the project. While it was gone I took advantage of the extra space by finishing out my garage. So for a month almost all my spare time was spent hanging drywall; then mudding, sanding and painting.

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  1. I don't get why people like Brad's. I live very close to the Bartlett location, so you'd think I'd eat there often, but I seldom do. If the Brad's in Bartlett is the only one with a real pit then I'd hate to taste the barbecue at the other locations. I find the meat at the Bartlett location bland. True, the quality of the meat is very good, but the smoke content really isn't there. I put their pulled pork on par with Baby Jack's by which I mean it tastes like it was cooked in an electric oven.