Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Barbecue Observations

I am getting ready to smoke some barbecue in my backyard this weekend. Obviously good Memphis barbecue starts with a good dry rub but all of the ones you see for sale in grocery stores are full of junk like MSG and maltodextrin. So I called up a friend who makes his own to see if he'd be willing to part with a little.

I met him where he works this morning and picked up enough to take care of my needs for the weekend. While I was there it struck me that Memphis is probably one of the only places in the country where driving to a factory on the outskirts of Downtown to pick up a ziplock baggie full of homemade barbecue dry rub seems like a completely normal thing to do.

In another random observation, while driving through West Memphis yesterday I spotted this now-vacant building:

I'm sad I never got a chance to eat there because that had to one of the greatest signs any business has ever had.

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