Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot Tamales from a Trailer on Jackson Avenue

On my way home from work Friday I noticed an old trailer at the corner of Jackson and Wales with a sign in the window touting hot tamales. I'd already had a Tops double cheeseburger for lunch but the tamales were only a dollar apiece so I went ahead and picked up two so my wife and I could each try one as an afternoon snack. The masa in the tamales combined with the bun from my burgers to total a lot more grain than I'd normally be willing to eat in a day, but I don't let the occasional indulgence bother me. The health problems caused by eating processed junk like grains, sugars, vegetable oils and soy are chronic not acute, meaning it is the regular, repeated doses that most Americans get that are making people so sick and overweight yet malnourished.

The man who sold me the tamales said he is usually there on the weekends, which must mean that he counts Friday afternoon as part of the weekend. His menu board next to the door of the trailer said he also offered a pork shoulder plate, so I'll have to make a lunchtime visit to try one.

The neighborhood around Jackson Avenue just south of I-240 where the trailer was parked is almost entirely Hispanic and even most of the stores have their signs in Spanish so when I first saw the trailer I was expecting Mexican tamales. But when I saw that both the men working the trailer were black I assumed that I was going to be getting spicy Delta-style tamales wrapped in wax paper instead of corn husks. I'm a fan of either tamale style as long as they are well seasoned, so either was okay with me.

When I got home an unwrapped them I saw that they were the Delta-style in wax paper. They had a good flavor and a nice spicy undercurrent to them without being overly hot and the filling struck the right balance of not too dry, not too greasy. I haven't tried enough tamales around town to really compare them to others, but for the $2 I spent these didn't disappoint me.

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