Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gas Station Barbecue Snack - More Reggi's

One of my favorite discoveries during my barbecue quest has been Reggi's Bar-B-Q. I packed a lunch for work today, since unfortunately I don't have the time and money to eat a barbecue dinner plate every single day. But I was still a little hungry when I passed by the little Reggi's franchise operation located in an Exxon gas station on the U.S. Highway 45 Bypass just north of I-40 in Jackson, TN. I've driven past the gas station location countless times, and even photographed it for my post on the mother store. But I've never eaten there, so I stopped in to see if I could find a cheap afternoon snack.

Reggi's founder Eugene Pickett had told me he didn't actually own or run the Exxon location. He'd just licensed the name and still provided it with recipes, sauces, dry rubs and seasonings. Looking over the menu, I spotted a "barbecue dog" for just $2.49. It's a big smoked hot dog covered with pulled pork and barbecue sauce with a pickle spear on the side. It sounded like the perfect snack, so I ordered one with Reggi's excellent spicy hot barbecue sauce and asked them to add some cole slaw as well, which they happily did.   

It ended up being an impressive amount of food for the money, even after I discarded the hot dog bun. The slaw wasn't as good as I remembered from regular restaurant stores, but it was still plenty good enough for topping a hot dog. The pulled pork was as good as expected and I was relieved to see that the store used a fairly high-quality hot dog. The hot barbecue sauce is what I think of most when I think of Reggi's. The stuff is addictive. My snack was technically a hot dog from an Exxon, but it definitely rose well above the stereotype associated with those terms.

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