Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken on a Stick - The Grille

The Grille restaurant has caught my eye several times, but I'd never stopped in before yesterday. The little carryout place is located in front of a small trailer park on Lamar just west of I-240. Every time I drive by I see smoke pouring from a large barrel-style grill behind the building while the parking lot usually has plenty of cars in it.

The little waiting area was full when I entered the building but the line was moving quickly and food was coming out steadily. I was happy to see the small crowd, since an independently-owned hole-in-the-wall like the Grille is only going to stay that busy with good word-of-mouth from repeat customers.

The menu is short and simple: chicken on a stick, hot wings, smoked sausages and a few sides like fries, okra and grilled corn. There is also a changing daily special, which was a catfish dinner on the day I visited. The choices may be limited, but like I noted in my recent post about Three Little Pigs, I'd rather eat at a place that does a few things really well than somewhere with a long list of mediocre options. I wasn't very hungry, so I just ordered the two-piece chicken on a stick.

The two pieces of chicken were served with carrots, celery, ranch dressing and an extremely mild but tasty honey wing sauce. The man who was working the outdoor grill obviously knows what he is doing because the well-seasoned chicken was extremely juicy while cooked all the way through. That takes perfect timing when you're dealing with a lot of thin pieces of chicken on a large grill. The fact that the chicken is good enough to keep a regular flow of customers makes it even better, since you don't have to worry about it drying out under a heat lamp.

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