Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Old Millington Winery

I've already posted about my visit to the Pig-N-Whistle in Millington today. On my way back into Memphis after I was done working in Millington I also stopped by the Old Millington Winery on Old Millington Road. Generally speaking, if I'm going to have alcohol I stick to beer or whiskey. While I'm not a big wine drinker it is a kitchen staple for me that adds a little extra something to all manner of soups and braises.

When the weather gets nice this time of year, it means it is time for the Winery to start having music on Sunday afternoons from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. The owner, Perry, laughingly refers to his place as a "redneck winery," and the music tends to be some variation on old fashioned bluegrass. It's a great time to sample and purchase wine. You can bring a picnic basket and there is often a friendly vendor providing amazing food as well. If you happen to see a Hagrid-from-Harry-Potter-sized man selling crawfish, chicken wings or barbecue, be sure to try whatever he is cooking that day. 

Most of the wines for sale are right around $10 a bottle. As I mentioned in my blog on braising short ribs, I usually use the Big River Red in recipes calling for a red wine and the Vidal Blanc in recipes calling for a dry white. If you are looking for a truly southern drink, the Winery also sells Muscadine wine. Or if you have a designated driver lined up, go ahead and try the port, which ranges between 18 and 21 percent alcohol.

Since a lot of recipes call for just half a cup of white wine, it can be a good idea to freeze some small servings so you aren't opening a new bottle every time you need a splash. Ice cube trays work perfect.

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