Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming Soon - Cordova Farmer's Market

[NOTE: The store finally opened in late May. For more current pics and info check my more recent post here.]

I've already blogged about my love for the Winchester Farmer's Market, The Hickory Hill store is actually a gigantic ethnic grocery, not a farmer's market. I'd heard rumors that the owners were looking to open an additional store in another former Schnuck's location, this time on Germantown Parkway in Cordova. Today I saw a new sign on the building that confirms that shoppers further east are about to have an incredible source for finding real, traditional foods.

It is depressing to walk through a regular grocery store in the United States and see how little actual food there is in the sea of factory-produced imitation food full of processed junk like vegetable oils, flour, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar and unfermented soy products. That's not to say the the Cordova Farmer's Market won't still have industrial junk food like that. But if it is anything like the original store on Winchester, it will have far more space devoted to real foods like fresh vegetables, meat and animal fats than you see in any Kroger or Super Wal-Mart grocery.


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