Friday, January 6, 2012

Barbecue at the Jackson Farmer's Market - Ron's

I don’t have the time and money to eat barbecue for lunch every day. So there are a lot of days that I just eat lunch meats from my local farmer’s market, cheese and almonds while running around in my work vehicle for lunch. That’s what I did Thursday, since I was still running behind from all the time away from work around Christmas and the New Year. Then a few hours later I had my new daily high-fat snack. Minutes after I finished it I noticed a sign for Ron’s BBQ next to the West Tennessee Farmer's Market in Downtown Jackson, TN.

The Farmer’s Market in Jackson runs Tuesday through Saturday. During the growing season the biggest part of it is specifically reserved for produce that has actually been grown in Tennessee. Obviously during January it is a lot smaller and all the vendors are together in one little area.

I was walking around inspecting Ron’s barbecue rig when he came by and asked if I needed anything. He said he is there every day the market is open, selling breakfast in the mornings and usually selling barbecue until about 3 or 4 p.m. While discussing the menu he mentioned a “rib sandwich” for $6.50 that featured a third-slab of ribs between two pieces of bread. You see rib sandwiches on a lot of menus in the Mid-South and I’ve never understood them since you have to pull the sandwich back apart to get the meat off the bones. But I figured I could power through a third-slab of ribs despite not being hungry, so I said, “I’ll take a rib sandwich, but don’t even worry about the bread.”

Ron had hot and mild sauce, but even the hot sauce that I got was very mild and overly sweet. If I get ribs from him again I’ll tell him to not bother with the sauce since the ribs themselves were great. They had plenty of smoke flavor and all the the fat was rendered into the meat. When I complimented the obvious smoke line on the meat Ron nodded with pride and said, “That’s from all that time on the hickory. I cook real slow and only use hickory. It gives the meat that good pink part that almost looks like ham.” 

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