Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mexican Barbecue - Burrito Meal

Burrito Meal is a Tex-Mex restaurant occupying a space on Airways in Jackson, TN, that used to be a little country diner. The diner had a barbecue pit so Burrito Meal put it to use cooking “Mexican barbecue” that they offer as a filling for their burritos and quesadillas.

Airways is the name for Highway 70 in Jackson, the same way it is named East Parkway or Summer Avenue in Memphis depending on what stretch you are referring to. Summer Avenue is known for its selection of independent Mexican restaurants so it’s interesting that Burrito Meal is actually on the same road.

The spartan restaurant offers a short and simple menu of cheap, filling food like giant burritos, quesadillas, nachos and some impressive looking “choreez-burgers” all starting at around $5. For as little extra money you can upgrade. For example, I spent $0.50 to get the Mexican barbecue on my burrito instead of the standard chicken, steak or chorizo options. Then I spent $1.50 for double meat and $0.25 each for adding guacamole and sour cream. Even after piling on the options, I spent less than $9 after tax for a burrito so big that I unfolded it and just ate the filling without the flour tortilla and was still full when I finished it.

The tender Mexican barbecue looked like traditional pulled pork but there was a definite Tex-Mex flavor to the seasoning with a really good mix of smokey and spicy flavors. I’ve tried the standard steak burrito at Burrito Meal in the past and there was a lot of rice used as filler in it, which isn’t surprising with a giant $5 burrito. So the $1.50 for double meat was well-worth it. Pinto beans and lettuce are also standard items included in the burritos. 

I did have to wait at a table for about ten or 15 minutes for my food after ordering at the counter on both my visits. Both times were during the lunchtime rush and the staff was obviously working frantically to get everyone’s orders out. Obviously word is getting around about the humble little store's big burritos. 

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