Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cornish Hen - More Cozy Corner

People have been telling me good things about the Cornish hen at Cozy Corner so I decided I needed to make a return trip to try one. I’d also heard that it is better to eat it at home, since there is no way to look like a civilized human being while devouring one, so I got it to-go. It turns out that everything I’d heard was true. They are a delicious, glorious mess. I couldn’t stop eating until I’d thoroughly cleaned every bit of meat from my leftover pile of bones.

I would caution against ordering one with the hot barbecue sauce unless you are really a fan of spicy foods. The heat builds steadily as you eat and by the time I finished an entire bird I had a burning mouth and running nose. It was similar to a really great serving of hot wings, but with a lot more meat and a natural smoke flavor underneath the sauce. It would be a great meal to eat at home with a few cold beers while watching a game on TV. The breast meat seemed a little dry and bland compared to the legs, thighs, wings and back, but that’s a problem inherent to chicken breast. Eating an entire bird in one sitting lets you really compare the differences in flavor between all the different white and dark meats, and it really drives home the realization that chicken breast is an inferior cut of meat that has done nothing to deserve its current popularity.
I would still consider the ribs I had on my previous visit the best thing on the menu, but the hen made for a great change of pace. And as shocking as it may seem, not everyone loves pork ribs so it's always good to have other options if you're dining with a group.


  1. Miss Desiree is the nicest lady. I set up there during the St Jude Marathon this past year to play music for the runners. Its right after the start, so we were there and set up by like 8:30 in the morning. She was there getting the fires going for the day, and to let us steal power for my speakers.

    She offered us some food, and since they don't do breakfast, we had pulled pork sandwiches at 9am. Since I am accustomed to eating random foods and embibing spirits early in the morning as a seasoned profession tailgater, I devoured mine.

    She hung out with us and waved to the runners, and so did her grandson who was there helping out. Just the nicest people. I still haven't had the cornish game hen, but everything else I've ever eaten there has been fantastic.

    If it's not in a local's top three BBQ joints, then their tastebuds have been altered due to consumption of too much "memphis average" cue.

    1. For people who like spicy foods they definitely have the best truly hot barbecue sauce I've had anywhere. And anyone who has driven past when the pit is going knows how devoted they are to old school smoke flavor. They cover the entire parking lot in a delicious-smelling fog.