Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pulled Pork and Purple-Hull Peas - Reese's

After a four days of Thanksgiving food I was ready to get back to eating ribs when I stopped in Reese’s Bar-B-Q on Monday. I didn’t get my rib fix since Reese’s was out, but I did get some really good pulled pork. The barbecue dinner came with three sides. They were out of potato salad and I didn’t want fries, since the last thing I needed was starch fried in vegetable oil when I was already recovering from Thanksgiving. So I scanned the list of the day’s sides on a dry erase board next to the cash register and selected purple-hull peas. The restaurant is located on Winchester next to Perkins in the Parkway Village neighborhood near the airport, and they offer southern-style meat and veggie plates as well as barbecue.

The peas ended up being much better than the regular baked beans, which didn’t surprise me since I love southern-style black-eyed peas. They didn’t need any salt, pepper or hot sauce. I just ate them as-served and enjoyed every bite. Although I only had a few bites of the baked beans there was nothing wrong with them. They were fairly standard example of the baked beans I’ve had at most of the barbecue places I’ve been, they were just overshadowed by the peas. The slaw was really good and provided the needed crunchy contrast to the extremely juicy pork. The sauce was good in a Memphis average sort of way.

Half the people in the restaurant were eating plate lunches from the non-barbecue menu of daily specials. All the food looked good, so I’ll have to return to sample some of the southern cooking. While searching for barbecue joints I’ve noticed that the area around the airport is full of small, independent soul food places offering meat and veggie meals. As I work my way through all the area’s barbecue establishments I may have to start sampling different soul food next. It would be interesting to see how hard it is to find healthy choices at soul food dives. I noticed that Reese’s followed the proud southern tradition of offering macaroni and cheese on the vegetable menu. 
Reese’s has the same interior design scheme that seems to be a standard for older, non-alcohol-serving barbecue joints. The front of the restaurant is all plate glass and there is a giant red brick order counter surrounded by wood-paneled walls. I’d never been there before, but the layout is so familiar if you visit a lot of local barbecue places that it still seemed instantly familiar. They did offer the additional services of a "Check Your Love Meter" and a "Check You Sex Level" machine, but both devices were out of order so I left without knowing how much of an effect the pulled pork dinner had on my mojo.  

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