Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As Good as I Remembered - More Reggi's

[NOTE: This restaurant is now closed and a new BBQ place called Pure Glaze is now occupying the space. The main Reggi's location in Jackson, TN, is still open.]

I’ve been thinking about the ribs at Reggi's Bar-B-Q on Houston Levee ever since my first trip there a few weeks ago. Were they really as good as I remembered, or did my low expectations based on their location in a suburban strip mall cause me to be overly impressed? So I stopped back today for lunch to try an order of dry ribs with hot barbecue sauce on the side and am happy to report they still lived up to my greatly increased current expectations.

They are tender in some sections while charred and crispy in others. But the crispy sections still aren’t tough and the tender sections still hold onto the bone with the right amount of texture. With no sauce you can really enjoy the smoke flavor while an occasional splash of the Reggi’s hot sauce gives you a burst of spicy intensity that makes you instantly crave more. They are very comparable to the legendary spicy ribs at Cozy Corner.

The mustardy potato salad they include with the dinner is so good that I’m glad they give you a fairly small portion. It would be nearly impossible for me to exercise much self-control with a large order. The stuff is delicious. If you find yourself in the northeastern suburbs of Shelby County do yourself a favor and check this place out.

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